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Fetch: Rewrite for the 317235784th time, this time based off a block diagram on paper...
[firearm.git] / Execute.v
2009-01-24 Joshua WiseExecute: Split things out into their own always blocks...
2009-01-23 Joshua WiseExecute: Fix carry flag on subtraction operations.
2009-01-22 Joshua WiseExecute: Branches allow somebody else to take precedenc...
2009-01-22 Joshua Wisesystem, Writeback, Memory, Execute: Only update the...
2009-01-15 Joshua WiseExecute: fix rdiff
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseExecute: Fix outbubble on multiplier so that it remembe...
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseExecute: Add delayed flush logic.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseExecute: Fix jumps while flush asserted. Set lr correc...
2009-01-10 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseHit all with the integrate.
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumerge memory
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseWire in Memory. Fix small bug in Memory involving...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Add outpc and outinsn. System.v: Add and...
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseOk, it work.
2009-01-05 Christopher Luexecute: do stuff only if bubble, still incorrect
2009-01-05 Christopher Luadded branch support, maybe
2009-01-05 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Christopher Lureally fix execute
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseAdd SPSR logic to Execute.
2009-01-05 Christopher Lubranch added
2009-01-05 Christopher Lufixed v flag
2008-12-31 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Execute multiplication happily
2008-12-31 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Wire up the ALU.
2008-12-31 Joshua WiseAdd skeleton to Execute.v
2008-12-30 Joshua WiseAdd wires for ALU.
2008-12-29 Christopher LuExecute: most of an ALU, ARM_Constants: RBC -> RSC
2008-12-28 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2008-12-28 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2008-12-28 Joshua Wisedo some first pass Execute wiring
2008-12-28 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2008-12-28 Joshua Wiseholy shit my multiplier compiled the first time o__o
2008-12-28 Joshua Wiseelanus
2008-12-28 Joshua Wiseadd execute skeleton
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