Add support for CellularRAM on Nexys2.
[firearm.git] / system.v
2010-03-12 Joshua WiseAdd support for CellularRAM on Nexys2.
2010-03-11 Joshua Wisesystem: Correct routing regressions from renames.
2010-03-11 Joshua WiseDCache: I/O rename
2010-03-11 Joshua WiseMemory: Input renaming pass.
2010-03-11 Joshua WiseExecute: Pass 1 repiping finished.
2010-03-10 Joshua WiseGlobal: More re-piping, and a bugfix for a bug recently...
2010-03-09 Joshua WiseIssue: Fix pipe names.
2010-02-27 Joshua WiseRegfile: Rename signals for correct pipe stages.
2010-02-22 Joshua WiseICache, Fetch: Re-pipe things such that the icache...
2010-02-22 Joshua WiseFetch, ICache: Autoize ICache/Fetch interface, and...
2009-01-25 Joshua WiseIssue, system, RegFile: First pass at adding resets.
2009-01-24 Joshua WiseSystem, Terminal: Provide real-world outputs on non...
2009-01-24 Joshua WiseAdd a BigBlockRAM that's 8MB (and obviously not very...
2009-01-22 Joshua Wisesystem, Writeback, Memory, Execute: Only update the...
2009-01-13 Joshua Wisesystem: Swap ICache and DCache in arbiter order.
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Fix message printed by DECODE debug line to...
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Print the correct values for jmp for Execute.
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Fix bug that would cause stmia not to work.
2009-01-10 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseDecode: Fix stupid bug in which stalls did not stall...
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseHit all with the integrate.
2009-01-09 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseAdd terminal
2009-01-07 Joshua Wisesystem: Wire up outcpsr and outspsr from Execute to...
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory: merged
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseMemory: Add CDP and MRC/MCR.
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumerge memory
2009-01-06 Joshua Wisesystem: Remember to wire the DCache to the memory!
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseWire in Memory. Fix small bug in Memory involving...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge Memory.
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseSystem.v: Wire up DCache
2009-01-06 Joshua Wisesystem.v: Silly typo fix -- why didn't Verilator warn...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Add outpc and outinsn. System.v: Add and...
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseOk, it work.
2009-01-05 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of
2009-01-05 Christopher Luyou snipeer
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseAdd a jump test
2009-01-05 Christopher Luadded branch support, maybe
2009-01-05 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseAdd SPSR logic to Execute.
2008-12-31 Joshua Wisesystem.v: Add debug output for the execute stage.
2008-12-28 Joshua Wisefixups to get workign compilation with isim
2008-12-28 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2008-12-28 Joshua Wisedo some first pass Execute wiring
2008-12-28 Joshua WiseReturn decode to a state of cleanliness.
2008-12-27 Joshua WiseWire up decode.
2008-12-27 Joshua WiseNicer dump information.
2008-12-26 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2008-12-26 Joshua WiseInitialize more things, and follow more clocking rules.
2008-12-26 Joshua WiseWire things up, and fix circular logic in issue.
2008-12-22 Joshua WiseFix a few scattered bugs, and get fetch to work.
2008-12-22 Joshua WiseWire the fetch unit into the top module
2008-12-22 Joshua WiseAdd the blockram to the system.v.
2008-12-22 Joshua Wisesystem.v
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