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2009-01-17 Joshua WiseDCache/ICache: Invalidate while filling, so if the...
2009-01-15 Joshua Wisetests/testbench: Allow compilation on x86.
2009-01-15 Joshua WiseDCache: Be more verbose about fills.
2009-01-15 Joshua WiseBlockRAM: Write before read so that reads the next...
2009-01-15 Joshua WiseExecute: fix rdiff
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseMemory: Add delayed flush. Make outbubble correct...
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseExecute: Fix outbubble on multiplier so that it remembe...
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseExecute: Add delayed flush logic.
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseICache and DCache: Do not accept fill data if the bus_r...
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseIssue: Add logic to defer a flush if need be (i.e....
2009-01-14 Joshua Wisetests/costas: respin .hex
2009-01-14 Joshua Wisetests: Add the new testbench.
2009-01-14 Joshua Wiseanulib: move the stack ALL the way up
2009-01-14 Joshua WiseFetch: Also queue up a jump if we are stalled.
2009-01-13 Joshua WiseDCache: Change verbosity.
2009-01-13 Joshua Wisesystem: Swap ICache and DCache in arbiter order.
2009-01-13 Joshua Wiseanulib: Move the stack up.
2009-01-11 Joshua WiseCostas: Remove while(1) and allow proper returns.
2009-01-11 Joshua WiseMemory: Instrument LDMSTM. Do not write back if writeb...
2009-01-11 Joshua WiseDCache: Add instrumentation.
2009-01-11 Joshua WiseMemory: Fix FSM for LDR/STR. Fix pre/post increment...
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseDecode: Fix conditional for immediate mode.
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Fix message printed by DECODE debug line to...
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseEnable part 2 of the Costas test program.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseAdd tests directory.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseDCache, ICache: Reset fill circuitry if a request is...
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseFetch: qjmp is for queueing up jumps while rd_waiting...
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Print the correct values for jmp for Execute.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseDCache: Fix silly bug involving failing to clear bus_wr.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseFetch: Rewrite to be cleaner.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseTerminal: Add `ifdef verilator around the $c construct.
2009-01-10 Joshua Wisesystem: Fix bug that would cause stmia not to work.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseMemory: wire -> reg in some cases
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseICache: Add instrumentation.
2009-01-10 Joshua WiseExecute: Fix jumps while flush asserted. Set lr correc...
2009-01-10 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-10 Christopher Luunique values for the shits
2009-01-09 Joshua Wiseram: Add a string printing test, WHICH WORKS!
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseDecode: Fix stupid bug in which stalls did not stall...
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseAdd 'mov r1, #':' to ramfile.
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseHit all with the integrate.
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseWriteback: add
2009-01-09 Christopher Lumemory: fix
2009-01-09 Christopher Ludecode: stuff for halfword
2009-01-09 Christopher Lumemory wea
2009-01-09 Christopher Lublockram: more fix
2009-01-09 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-09 Christopher Lublockram: fix hack, memory: add ldrh/strh
2009-01-09 Joshua Wiseram.hex: Add performance benchmark, P-SPEC 2009.
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseMemory: Add some debugging.
2009-01-09 Joshua WiseAdd terminal
2009-01-07 Joshua Wisesystem: Wire up outcpsr and outspsr from Execute to...
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseDecode: Set correct rpc for coprocessor register transfer.
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseAdd special CPSR behavior for ARM MCR.
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseAdd LDR test instruction.
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory: bubble
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory: merged
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory.v: convert to state machines
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseMemory: Add CDP and MRC/MCR.
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-07 Joshua WiseMemory: Add coprocessor interface stub.
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory: ldm/stm bullSHIT
2009-01-07 Christopher Lumemory: ldm/stm ready for testing, hopefully
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumerge memory
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: more ldm/stm
2009-01-06 Joshua Wisesystem: Remember to wire the DCache to the memory!
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseWire in Memory. Fix small bug in Memory involving...
2009-01-06 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: more ldm/stm
2009-01-06 Joshua Wisest_data -> op2
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge Memory.
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: add some stuff in ldm/stm
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMemory.v: Cleanup pass 1 before integration.
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: fix up slightly
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: fixed up a bit
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-06 Christopher Lumemory: preliminary, regfile: more read port, decode...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseSystem.v: Wire up DCache
2009-01-06 Joshua Wisesystem.v: Silly typo fix -- why didn't Verilator warn...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Add outpc and outinsn. System.v: Add and...
2009-01-06 Joshua WiseAdd the DCache.
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseOk, it work.
2009-01-05 Christopher Luexecute: do stuff only if bubble, still incorrect
2009-01-05 Christopher Luflush generate bubble, yes
2009-01-05 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Christopher Luyou snipeer
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseAdd a jump test
2009-01-05 Christopher Luadded branch support, maybe
2009-01-05 Christopher LuMerge branch 'master' of nyus.joshuawise.com:/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Christopher Lureally fix execute
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseMerge nyus:/storage/git/firearm
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseIsuse.v: fix error in which cpsr was marked as defined...
2009-01-05 Joshua WiseAdd SPSR logic to Execute.
2009-01-05 Christopher Lubranch added
2009-01-05 Christopher Lufixed v flag
2008-12-31 Joshua WiseExecute.v: Execute multiplication happily
2008-12-31 Joshua WiseIssue.v: lol@me; stall was not getting propagated
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