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2008-05-22 Joshua WiseAdd list of broken tests
2008-05-22 Joshua WiseFix ld (nn), sp, for real this time.
2008-05-22 Joshua WiseFirst attempt at fixing DAA. Add ld (nn), sp.
2008-05-21 Joshua WiseFix POP AF test (from blargg's CPU tests)
2008-05-11 Christopher... fixed daa for no half carry, top carry, decimal carry...
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseDAA compile fixes, and PROGFLASH addr increment fix
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseMerge branch 'master' of andrew:/afs/andrew/usr/czl...
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseAdd a first cut at strataflash support
2008-05-11 Christopher... added daa
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseFix ADD HL,xx.
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseFix some carry-related bugs and a typo in insn_alu_a.
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseAdd both tile sets to LCDC; zoomar is still sad, but...
2008-05-11 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of lu@anyus.res.cmu.edu:/storage...
2008-05-11 Joshua Wisedaa.txt
2008-05-11 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of lu@anyus.res.cmu.edu:/storage...
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseRAM needs to be writable, I guess
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseFix makefile, too
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseFix add sp, imm8 *sweatdrop*
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseInstructions: ld hl, sp+imm8 and add sp, imm8
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseMove macro defines out to files
2008-05-10 Joshua WiseMove the core to core/
2008-05-10 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of lu@anyus.res.cmu.edu:/storage...
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseSemi-working, but prone to anus, keyboard driver
2008-05-09 Joshua WisePoke it correctly in the ucf c.c
2008-05-09 Joshua WisePS2 cut 1
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseMerge andrew:/afs/andrew/usr/czl/public/FPGABoy
2008-05-09 Christopher... added PS2Button, PS2 keyboard -> buttons module
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseWorking input in GB BASIC!
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseCut 1 at button integration
2008-05-09 Christopher... added butans
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseCut 1 at ADD HL,...
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseAdd an interrupt ack, so that interrupts are cleared...
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseMake binwire a little bit more error-resistant
2008-05-09 Christopher... explicitly specified widths of comparisons
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseLatest shit, I can't remember
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseDiag rom now runs from bootloader!
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseFix the UART, and set it to 19k2 for more stable operat...
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseAdd nintendo logo to diag. Add xmodem loader. Add auxbo...
2008-05-07 Joshua WiseCut 1 at an onboard bootloader
2008-05-07 Joshua WiseMake the boot rom talk a bit more, and wait for you...
2008-05-07 Joshua WiseDual boot ROM support, and the first proof that cellula...
2008-05-06 Joshua WiseRoute RAM to pads
2008-05-06 Joshua WiseFix some really dumb no-synthesize issues LIKE NOT...
2008-05-06 Joshua WiseFix some simulator-only bugs involving debugging/illega...
2008-05-06 Joshua WisePeripherals now have internal latches.
2008-05-06 Joshua WiseAdd cut 1 of a cellram module
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseYaaay, everything is posedge now
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseFlop the clock polarity of the LCDC around.
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseStart changing things to happen on posedge clock.
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseSet up the bus a little before the clock.
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseAdd a dirty hack to make the sim pipe directly to the...
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseAdd some more sim goop
2008-05-04 Joshua WiseDual bus processor
2008-05-03 Joshua WiseAdd isim to makefile
2008-05-03 Joshua WiseAdd some verilator and isim compatibility
2008-05-01 Joshua WiseMore sound haqery
2008-04-28 Joshua WiseSound: Leave it to Dennis.
2008-04-28 Joshua WiseCompiles
2008-04-28 Joshua WiseSoundcore compiles
2008-04-28 Joshua WiseFix insn_bit. HOLY SHIT THE BOOT ROM WORKS c.c
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseRemove gated clock and hence remove S.
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseGate off vraminuse, oaminuse, etc with wehther the...
2008-04-19 Joshua Wisealu_ext
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseAdd bootrom
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseModify the diagrom to test two byte insns
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseAdd bit instruction
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseUpdate current opcodes
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseAdd ld (bc/de),a, ld a,(bc/de)
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseSay ABCD.
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseFix some sync issues? Maybe?
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseMake it easy to see what's going wrong.
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseIt typechecks! Ship it!
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseFix ld a, []
2008-04-19 Joshua WiseFix tileaddr bug. Make bus interface more explicit.
2008-04-18 Joshua WiseCut 1 at output
2008-04-18 Joshua WiseVideo RAM cut 1 -- on distributed ram
2008-04-18 Joshua Wiseimpact.cmd fix again
2008-04-18 Joshua WiseReadd .keep
2008-04-18 Joshua WiseVideo RAM and a makefile change
2008-04-18 Joshua WisePoke impact.cmd to be movable
2008-04-17 Joshua WisePokes
2008-04-17 Joshua WisePokes
2008-04-17 Joshua WiseMore files needed
2008-04-17 Joshua WiseFix makefile
2008-04-17 Joshua WiseAdd files needed for build
2008-04-17 Joshua WiseAdd files needed for build
2008-04-15 Joshua WiseFix ld [] and ld []
2008-04-14 Joshua WiseFramebuffer poking
2008-04-14 Joshua WiseCut one at a framebuffer
2008-04-14 Joshua WiseSome LCDC IRQ stuffs. Working on fixing ldm_a
2008-04-13 Joshua WiseAdd mock up LCDC
2008-04-13 Joshua WiseAdd DI/EI delay test. Add LD M, A.
2008-04-08 Joshua WiseINC -> INCDEC
2008-04-07 Joshua WiseDon't print A until we have to.
2008-04-07 Joshua WiseALU8IMM
2008-04-07 Joshua WiseWire switches back up and remove cclk.
2008-04-07 Joshua WiseIt works.
2008-04-07 Joshua WiseIt works, but why?
2008-04-06 Joshua WisePUSH bugfix
2008-04-06 Joshua WiseNew generation makefile. Code that will reliably break...
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