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descriptionNetWatch system management mode lights out box
ownerJoshua Wise
last changeMon, 12 Oct 2009 06:01:48 +0000 (02:01 -0400)
2009-10-12 Joshua WiseMore ICH2-specific code diked out. master
2009-10-12 Joshua WiseRemove some bogus and obsolete ich2 stuff from smi.c.
2009-10-12 Joshua WiseAdd TSC checks to measure how much time we spend in...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseSlightly permute the USB_LEGKEY stuff.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseHomogenize filenames for ICH2.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMore churn moving files around.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAt least pretend to split more ICH2 bits out into a...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseRewrap README and GUIDE.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMake some documentation a bit more accurate.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseFinally move the LEGKEY garbage into ich2/.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAdd a todo list entry.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMove elfload into tools/
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMove the Multiboot code around to have more sane filenames.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMore correctness in the GUIDE...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAdd cross-compile support (for fools like me who build...
2009-10-08 Joshua WiseMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:jwise/netwatch
14 years ago master
14 years ago 410watch
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