2009-10-12 Joshua WiseMore ICH2-specific code diked out. master
2009-10-12 Joshua WiseRemove some bogus and obsolete ich2 stuff from smi.c.
2009-10-12 Joshua WiseAdd TSC checks to measure how much time we spend in...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseSlightly permute the USB_LEGKEY stuff.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseHomogenize filenames for ICH2.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMore churn moving files around.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAt least pretend to split more ICH2 bits out into a...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseRewrap README and GUIDE.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMake some documentation a bit more accurate.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseFinally move the LEGKEY garbage into ich2/.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAdd a todo list entry.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMove elfload into tools/
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMove the Multiboot code around to have more sane filenames.
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseMore correctness in the GUIDE...
2009-10-10 Joshua WiseAdd cross-compile support (for fools like me who build...
2009-10-08 Joshua WiseMerge branch 'master' of
2009-10-08 Joshua WiseAdd support for the power button SMI.
2009-10-03 Joshua WiseMake the loader a little less verbose.
2009-10-03 Joshua WiseImprove correctness of backtrace library.
2009-10-03 Joshua WiseCorrect header from smram-ich2.c.
2009-10-03 Joshua WiseRemove demapper from pagingstub.c, since that code...
2009-10-03 Joshua Wisefix Makefile to point to the correct .lds
2009-10-03 Joshua WiseFix smm_type detection to actually detect, and add...
2009-09-02 Joshua WiseCommit GDB patch from Jacob Potter.
2009-08-19 Joshua Alan... Apply patches from, as submitted...
2008-12-18 Joshua WiseFix LICENSE.
2008-12-16 Jacob Potterbetter licensing on nwf's stdarg.h
2008-12-16 Jacob Potteractual license now
2008-12-16 Jacob Pottermore licensing
2008-12-16 Jacob Potteradd a lot of copyright headers
2008-12-16 Joshua WiseAdd some headers.
2008-12-16 Jacob Potteradd GUIDE
2008-12-16 Jacob PotterREADME and TODO updates
2008-12-16 Jacob Potterremove obsolete watcher application
2008-12-16 Jacob Potteradd top-level LICENSE
2008-12-16 Jacob Potterremove log from vga overlay
2008-12-16 Jacob Potterdocumentation work
2008-12-16 Jacob Potterstupid reordering of frees
2008-12-15 Jacob Potterrfb tweaks
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseAvoid suffering from wrong CS_SEGSEL syndrome.
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseFix width to 8, not 9.
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseBe more correct in grabbing fonts from VRAM.
2008-12-15 Jacob Pottereven more dumb outputfs
2008-12-15 Jacob Pottertrim some more outputfs
2008-12-15 Jacob Pottertrim some outputfs
2008-12-15 Jacob Pottermake rfb_buf actually big enough to take an entire...
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseFix parameters for outputf in text.c.
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseHave text.c take scrolling into account.
2008-12-15 Joshua WiseModify crc32 users to behave better when crcing multipl...
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseFix compile on text.c.
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseCorrect offset into video memory for console width...
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottermake rfb use copy_pixels
2008-12-14 Jacob Potterdon't worry about me
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMove aseg-paging to netwatch/
2008-12-14 Joshua Wisemove packet to aseg-paging in preparation for aseg...
2008-12-14 Jacob Potterremove some logging in rfb; delay a bit before rechecki...
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMove some text rendering prints around.
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMove checksum set to data block.
2008-12-14 Jacob Potterinit xnum and ynum
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottersome shit
2008-12-14 Jacob Potterdon't set inline on memcpy; it makes gcc4 sad
2008-12-14 Jacob Potteruse x
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottersome changes for gcc4
2008-12-14 Joshua Wisemove init to new stack
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseThat is almost certainly all the cause of my woe.
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseAdd crc32.
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottercorrectness fix to pci_dump
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottermore rfb work
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseRef only the head of a pbuf chain, instead of the whole...
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottersome better debugging output from lwip
2008-12-14 Jacob Pottermore poking
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseLink text into copy_pixels.
2008-12-14 Joshua WiseAdd a first cut at text.
2008-12-14 Jacob Potterrfb chunks
2008-12-13 Jacob Pottera little more detail in rfb key logging
2008-12-13 Jacob Potterchecksum_rect defaults to null
2008-12-13 Jacob PotterMerge branch 'master' of /storage/git/netwatch
2008-12-13 Jacob Potteradd checksumrect utilities
2008-12-13 Joshua WiseKeyboard should now be fully reliable.
2008-12-13 Joshua WiseAdd locks from time to time.
2008-12-13 Joshua WiseThis is a concerning development.
2008-12-12 Joshua Wiselatest
2008-12-12 Joshua Wiseanother try
2008-12-12 Jacob Pottercall kbd_inject_keysym
2008-12-12 Joshua WiseMerge
2008-12-12 Joshua WiseWould like to, but...
2008-12-12 Jacob Pottermake keyboard handler use keysyms
2008-12-12 Joshua WiseAdd new 'proper' keyboard injection.
2008-12-12 Joshua Wisemove keyboard to aseg-paging
2008-12-07 Joshua WiseCleanup pass on 3c90x; in -> _in, out -> _out
2008-12-07 Joshua WiseFix modulo issues in vga-overlay
2008-12-07 Joshua WiseAnother set of 3c90x style cleanups.
2008-12-07 Joshua WiseTweak some values up a bit. Try harder to unstall...
2008-12-07 Joshua WiseConvert the transmitter to be a ring buffer, too.
2008-12-06 Joshua WiseConvert receive to be a ring buffer.
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