2008-07-01 Joshua WiseAdd a cursor. Add backspace. master
2008-07-01 Joshua WiseFix the 5 scancode.
2008-07-01 Joshua WiseNewlines now go back to x=0. Oh well.
2008-07-01 Joshua WiseAdd a scancode lookup table.
2008-06-26 Joshua WiseAdd a basic PS2 module that can do only upper case.
2008-06-26 Joshua WiseAdd the serial transmit module.
2008-06-26 Joshua WiseTerminal can now scroll using the state machine.
2008-06-25 Joshua WiseDisplay input from UART
2008-06-25 Joshua WiseWire up a display.
2008-06-25 Joshua Wiseworking VGA out
2008-06-25 Joshua WiseInitial import
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