Instructions: ld hl, sp+imm8 and add sp, imm8
[fpgaboy.git] / binwire.c
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseMerge andrew:/afs/andrew/usr/czl/public/FPGABoy
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseCut 1 at button integration
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseMake binwire a little bit more error-resistant
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseLatest shit, I can't remember
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseDiag rom now runs from bootloader!
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseFix the UART, and set it to 19k2 for more stable operat...
2008-05-08 Joshua WiseAdd nintendo logo to diag. Add xmodem loader. Add auxbo...
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