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Patchfork is a fork of the excellent Pitchfork MPD client. The original author, Roger Bystrøm ("remiss"), appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth, and along with him, the Pitchfork web site. Patchfork, then, is my bug fix (and maybe feature?) branch. It is also a lot more Googlable of a name than Pitchfork. The fork started when I needed to update it because of a format change in the MPD 0.15.0 (?) status query response.

You can find the old Pitchfork site on archive.org.


Questions? Patches? Comments? Patches? Problems? Patches? Joshua Wise <jwise+pitchfork at andrew.cmu.edu>.
2010-03-23 Joshua WiseAdd support for view-only mode. master
2010-03-23 Joshua WiseMake config page refuse to allow you to select the...
2010-03-23 Joshua WiseAdd Jon Fink's iPhone theme/frontend for Pitchfork...
2010-03-23 Joshua WiseAdd support for displaying the year; put the album...
2010-03-02 Joshua WiseUpdate URL for LyricWiki. NOTE: LyricWiki now only...
2010-03-02 Joshua WiseFix UTF-8 support in config (bug reported by Eloi Rivard).
2010-03-01 Joshua WiseTweak support for Amazon coverart grabbing to be able...
2010-02-28 Joshua WiseAdd runtime configuration for the AWS keyid and secret.
2010-02-28 Joshua WiseClean up a few localization strings.
2010-02-28 Joshua WiseUpdate support for Amazon coverart grabbing (patch...
2009-12-04 Joshua WiseFix up XPath syntax for proper functioning in Safari...
2009-11-21 Joshua WiseFix bug in MPD/Common where playlist version numbers...
2009-11-21 Joshua WiseAdd patch support notice.
2009-11-21 Joshua Wiseinitial import from pitchfork-0.5.5
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