Ethernet RX support
[fpgaboy.git] / CoreTop.ucf
2008-05-26 Joshua WiseEthernet RX support
2008-05-25 Joshua WiseEthernet TX support
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseMerge branch 'master' of andrew:/afs/andrew/usr/czl...
2008-05-11 Joshua WiseAdd a first cut at strataflash support
2008-05-11 Christopher Zihao LuMerge branch 'master' of
2008-05-09 Joshua WiseSemi-working, but prone to anus, keyboard driver
2008-05-09 Joshua WisePoke it correctly in the ucf c.c
2008-05-09 Joshua WisePS2 cut 1
2008-05-07 Joshua WiseCut 1 at an onboard bootloader
2008-05-06 Joshua WiseRoute RAM to pads
2008-04-28 Joshua WiseCompiles
2008-04-14 Joshua WiseSome LCDC IRQ stuffs. Working on fixing ldm_a
2008-04-06 Joshua WisePUSH bugfix
2008-04-02 Joshua WiseAdd files, and add a freezeswitch to debug this issue...
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