2012-02-20 asmwFix stray DOS line endings
2012-02-20 asmwFix port usage and always try to add the generated key
2012-02-20 asmwRevert "Remove generated/IDE files"
2012-02-20 asmwMake dumload configurable
2012-02-20 asmwRemove generated/IDE files
2012-02-20 asmwAnother generated file to be ignored
2012-02-20 asmwAdd gitignores
2010-08-07 Joshua WiseAdd location prompt and pubkey support
2010-08-07 Joshua WiseInvoke pscale remotely.
2010-08-07 Joshua WiseAdd a progress bar.
2010-08-07 Joshua WiseImplement the mechanics of scp.
2010-08-07 Joshua WiseInitial commit.
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