Fix stray DOS line endings
[dumload.git] / res / values / strings.xml
aaca69bf 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3 <string name="hello">Hello World, Dumload!</string>
0763e16d 4 <string name="app_name">dumload</string>
42aa7dfd 5 <string name="prefSshServerTitle">SSH server</string>
6 <string name="preferenceTitle">Preferences</string>
7 <string name="prefConnection">Connection preferences</string>
8 <string name="prefServerTitle">Server</string>
9 <string name="prefServerSummary">The SSH server to connect to</string>
10 <string name="prefUsernameTitle">Username</string>
11 <string name="prefUsernameSummary">The username to use for the ssh connection</string>
12 <string name="prefPortTitle">Port</string>
13 <string name="prefPortSummary">The SSH port on the remote server</string>
14 <string name="prefDefaultPathTitle">Default remote path</string>
15 <string name="prefDefaultPathSummary">Uploads are put in this directory on the remote server by default</string>
16 <string name="prefCrypto">Cryptography</string>
17 <string name="menuGenSshKey">Generate a new SSH key</string>
18 <string name="menuDelSshKey">Remove generated SSH key</string>
19 <string name="msgNoGenKeyFound">No generated SSH key was found.</string>
aaca69bf 20 <string name="msgKeyExists">A generated key already exists.</string>
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